Friday, 12 August 2011

Is it safe to Buy Gold Now?

Gold is a very safe form of investment amid the global economic crisis. However, people should still be cautious in investing.
"Gold (is) a very safe investment. Moreover, the current global crisis, U.S. and European debt to trillions," said Chairman of the Association of Gold and Jewels Indonesia (APEPI) Jeffrey Thumewa to via telephone on Friday (12 / 8 / 2011).
According to him, with the back of gold prices, the purchase of gold also tends to rise. However, he could not say exactly how much a rise in demand for gold.
He said that gold investment is safe to do by society, which typically invest in small form. "Only, it's actually a great price, the quantity they buy less if the same budget," he said.
However, he said, gold is safer to invest than money to be rapidly depleted because it can be used for many purposes.
Jeffrey said, although the current gold price tends to rise, this could be the yellow down. "Anything can happen. Gold could go down (significantly), certainly can," he said.
First, the price of gold is only concerned with dollars. If the dollar falls, gold price rises, and vice versa. However, he continued, is now the gold price movement can be influenced by global political conditions. "Invasion of the war could be the cause," he said.
Outline, right now, investing into the yellow metal is rapidly increasing due to safety factors.
As reported, PT Aneka Tambang (Persero) also mentioned, the demand for gold production behind this rise. "Therefore, investment in gold gave back a big result so the price has continued to improve," said President Director of PT Aneka Tambang (Persero) Alwin Syah Loebis Thursday.
For information only, this Friday, Precious Metals bullion prices released at 532,000 Rupiah per gram. As for the purchase of one kilogram of gold bullion (commonly used reference price), a business unit of PT Antam is set at 490,000 Rupiah per gram.


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